Bridge Supports

Elastomeric bearings (neoprene bearings) are produced from waterproof rubbers and transfer the loads coming from the superstructure to the bridge legs in accordance with their frequencies. Steel reinforcement is often used in order to transfer these loads (steel reinforced elastomer bearing). The steel reinforcements are laminated to the rubber during the hot vulcanization process with a special adhesive formulation under high temperature and high pressure, resulting in a long life against corrosion.

Elastomer bearings are produced from NR (natural rubber) or CR (chloroprene) rubber in accordance with AASTHO, DIN, EN AND TSE specifications.

As Yapsan Rubber, we can design and manufacture circular, rectangular, steel reinforced, non-reinforced, sliding bearing or fixed bearing in line with the requirements and demands of your project in the light of our expert engineers.

In addition, as Yapsan Rubber, we undertake and guarantee micro and macro tests for the bridge supports produced by the specifications.