Steel Bridge Expansion Joints

Steel bridge expansion joints are one of the joint systems, consisting of steel profiles, with a waterproof rubber seal inside, which can dampen bridge expansion movements.

This steel bridge expansion joint system can be produced from extruded steel profile or welded steel profiles according to the specifications of the projects.

All anchorage steel parts (steel profiles and steel anchors) used in bridge expansion joints are of minimum ST-37 (S235JR) quality in accordance with specifications, and NR (natural rubber) or CR (chloroprene) in accordance with EN, ASTM-D and DIN norms. should be produced in quality.

Why is an expansion joint used?

Although the bridges seem static; They are constantly in motion due to the shape changes caused by temperature, prestressing, shrinkage, creep and traffic loads. In order to be able to meet these movements without generating additional stress, an expansion gap must be left in the bridges. Expansion joints are placed on the bridges to prevent traffic from flowing freely and prevent water or de-icing chemicals from leaking down and damaging the bridge structure and supports.