Rubber Animal Bearings

Rubber animal beds that we produce under the roof of Yapsan Kaucuk have many benefits in terms of animal health and productivity. These benefits provided by our animal beds are as follows;

  • Keeps the bottom of the animals dry and clean
  • Eliminates breast microbe
  • It protects from diseases thanks to its antibacterial feature
  • Provides easy cleaning
  • Protects animals from cold thanks to its insulation feature
  • Increases milk yield
  • Reduces feed consumption
  • Prevents wounds in the front legs of animals
  • Eliminates rheumatism in animals
  • Prevents umbilical wound in animals

The size of the animal beds we produced are as follows;

Standard Animal Bed: Width: 110cm * Length: 180cm * Thickness: 2cm

Puzzle Animal Bed: Width: 120cm * Length: 170cm * Thickness: 2cm

Perforated Calf Bed: Width: 100cm * Length: 150cm * Thickness: 2cm

Roll Animal Bed: Width: 110cm * Length: 10 meters * Thickness: 8 – 12mm