Roller – Drum Coatings

Yapsan Rubber drum coating products prevent slipping of the belts, prolong the lifetime of the used drums and provide better pushing performance by holding the conveyor belts to which the products are attached.

In addition, while providing all these advantages, it does not remove the drum over the conveyor assembly. Thanks to the production process applied by Yapsan Rubber, it provides time saving and workmanship advantage on the conveyor assembly with the cold bonding technique.

Yapsan Rubber Patterned Drum Coating

The abrasion resistance of the patterned drum coatings, which are coated according to the demand and preference of our customers, is high. Thanks to the patterns on it, it is easier for the water to flow through the channels and it is discharged from the drum in a series. The rapid friction of these drums with high friction coefficient minimizes belt slippage.

thereby providing additional support and gripping force to the band, a higher traction force